Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Puppy

Chesley and I lost one of two of our Shih Tzu dogs in Jan. 2013. Her name was Mitzi and she was 11. She thought she had the world by her paws. Never cowered from other dogs along with never made friends with them either. She more or less got her way around here yet she brought lots of laughter. She did so many funny things and had the cutest face that it was hard to be serious with her. She is missed to this day.

Chesley and I lost our second Shih Tzu suddenly. She was 12 years old in Aug. 2013. Her name was Maddie. Sweet Maddie. She was motherly and protective of Mitzi. She did what we wanted her to do and we loved her. She was precious and adorable. Maddie never left our side when we were home. She always wanted to be touching one of us where ever we may be.  We miss Maddie more then one will ever know.

I could go on and on about these sweet dogs and show pictures and tell stories. Chesley and I do that here all the time. We share when we are with animal lovers and laugh and cry. All part of owning a dog. Only dog lovers would understand.

So we found ourselves without a dog and although I was at one point OK with that. Meaning no more worrying about getting home to let the dogs out, no more pet friendly hotels, no more leaving them home. But there is a place in Chesley's heart that is empty without a dog and only a dog can fill that particular place. Knowing that, we decided to look for another puppy. Chesley: Two Shih Tzu's, girls, puppies was the order! Pam: Rescue, Shih Tzu, girl was my order. We both agreed to wait until Jan. 2014.

Chesley's heart needed healing and he waited for a few weeks. While I was in CA he started looking online for a good place to get Shih Tzu puppies. Just to get prepared. He printed out information and places and made calls and was in search for the puppy that was right for us. I knew then we would most likely have a puppy with in a few weeks to months. How could I ever deny him that special need and love he wants?  WELL, He did a good job!!

Introducing Dori (Adorable-Dori for short) (thank you Linda) or Dory from movie about a fish named Dory that helped Nemo's dad find his son in "Finding Nemo", just like Dori is helping Chesley's broken heart.  but I keep calling her Pumpkin. ????
Birth June 30, 2013. We got her 12 weeks later. What happened to the "wait for Jan. to get a dog" Me! I'm what happened. I saw her and just couldn't leave her at the breeders we were checking out (6 hours round trip). One reason and the other she was old enough to leave her home and I just couldn't say good bye, we'll see you in Jan. Guess there is a place in my heart as well.

I'm told by many that she looks bigger in the pictures. She is smaller then a soccer ball. :) Well maybe a little longer. 
4.5 pounds of pure cuteness. So sweet, timid, shy, playful, cuddly and seems very comfortable and relaxed here with these two softy's she's living with. She loves her new home. Although I'm afraid she is still in her "honeymoon stage" as Dawn calls it. 
Dawn the "dog whisper" helped us so much with this sweet puppy.
I'm determined to have her potty trained! I've keep up with it so far and she has had only one pee pee accident the first few hours she arrived here. :)))) Poop only twice. It will happen! 
I'm doing "Puppy Wise" for those of you that know about "baby wise" She has slept through the night first two nights and up only to pee one night. 
I'll probably post more pictures but for now I'm concentrating on one thing and that is training her to NEVER have an accident ever. :))) Good luck huh!
OK so this is where I've been instead of online with FB and Words for Friends and house work, volunteering, emailing, bible study, etc. 

We may be getting another dog in Jan. Really one might say? Yes really! My man wants two dogs, he will get two dogs. I will love them both too. I'm not saying I won't be frustrated or tired or angry with something has been chewed on or dragged out from somewhere but I will love them. I'll just go to CA and visit the Arnold's. :) 

Chesley bonding with his puppy on the drive home. 
Sweet story from Sammy about this picture.
And so the heart is healing and filling up with Dori.
Mitzi and Maddie will never be forgotten.
Piper either. Had to say that. Our first Shih Tzu we had for 17 years. Maddie our second, Mitzi our third and Dori our forth and ? our fifth. 
Well after typing that I certainly should know how to train a puppy!!! 
Are we to old for this????? I'll let you know!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Camp Nama and Poppy

In spite of the pathetic sign hand made my Nama, Ryan had the biggest smile on his face when he came through the door and saw it. He read it each time he walked in the whole week. 
Just tells me children don't care about the prefection we all try to achieve.  

These are a few things I got for us to do during the camp. 
Ryan had swim team practice at 8:00 to 8:45am then straight to VBS from 9:00 to 12. So I was ready for one tired grandson. So we did puzzles, read, and played with pokemon cards. Among other fun activities.

Lunch together in the dining room with one on one conversations. Special times!

Ryan had so many Pokemon cards that he needed his toes to hold them all up to see them. Clever boy.

Diving lesson one day. :) Good job Ryan. 

Treat for a good lesson!

Star Wars Lego kit. Put that thing together in no time. I tried and was very frustrated. He came to my rescue.

When there was a lull in the day my iPad had a new game on it and he was loving it.

Another corner with some goodies. Books, games etc.

Position in morning waiting for breakfast! Only for the very young!

Always at least one morning with cinnamon rolls at Nama's and Poppy's house.

Boy's way of eating cinnamon rolls.

Lunch with Nama Dottie at Panera. Sweetest grandson I know. He is full of compliments. " You look very nice Nama" , "How are you Nama?" etc.

Poppy and Nama begged Ryan to take us to Orange Leaf. Yummy!

Buddies getting their fill of ice cream.

Ryan and Poppy gathering the tomatoes each day. 

Family Night at VBS

Ryan and I made a bingo game out of Pokemon pictures. We also made some posters of different Pokemon creators. 

VBS buddies. Hudson at family night in the church singing the songs and praising the Lord. 

Cool dessert on a hot evening.

Museum with Dinosaurs! Real? Maybe you go and see for yourself. 

Ryan before even going in was a little apprehensive. 

Dino dig

After the the Dinosaur exhibit Nama and Poppy couldn't find the car. BUT guess who knew where it was and beat us there. Resting on it, waiting for us.
We got milk shakes after our day visiting the dino's but didn't get the picture.


POPCORN, CANDY, DRINK, MORE CANDY. Well mom's gone so no one told me any different. 

Happy Mommy passing out ribbons. Ryan won Blue ribbon in back stroke and free style. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stacy and Eli come for a visit

They are here!!!

Big'z for dinner

"So what do you do in CA" 
I kick the soccer ball. 
Watch all the parents freak out when I kick it into that big drainage ditch with all the other lost balls or climb the fence. I can teach you all sorts of things we do in CA.

 Grandma and Stacy 

I play better soccer with my shoes this way. Don't laugh until you've tried it!!!

Here is my story about my visit to Nama and Poppy's  house.
I can get a quick nap in, in the car while I hold my cup of water and bag of cars. I'll teach you!

Sometimes I get a huge lollipop to last a l o n g time. 

Look Nama here comes Sammy!

Cars, racing cars, quick learner and fast driver.

Iron Man to the rescue.

Back in the car for some reading time while the ladies ran errands.
Got my book, space gun, water, and big boots space ship.

Teaching Poppy how to kick a soccer ball.

Poppy's tomatoes and big boots taking a bath in the dog water bowl. 
No one thought that was a very good idea.

Her Nama Dotty, it's from Hawaii.

Where's Eli?

Park - Cars - FUN!

real fun

Taking a break and playing with the iPad. Thomas the Train puzzles and match game are my favorite.

Mom and I going swimming.

So fun at Nama's pool

Here Sutton, Want to squirt me?

You go first Sutton and then it's my turn. (next year)

Took my Nama out to lunch...
I'm learning girls...

Mom and I at the airport. She ordered pizza and I ordered chicken nuggets. I ate the pizza and she ate the chicken nuggets. I changed my mind. Moms are nice like that.